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Call it a planMothers are being fed a lie. We’re expected to build a career as if we don’t have kids and raise our kids as if we don’t have a career.

We’re told we can – and should – have it all. But we all know it doesn’t quite work like that, does it?

I remember crying on the way to work because I had to leave before my baby even woke up. And I remember running to my office just so I could watch the security camera … just so I could see his face.

So … I quit. I walked away from a six-figure job. I started my own business and learned a lot about what does and does not work. 

And now I’ve dedicated my mission to help other mothers do the same thing … minus the learning curve and struggles! 


I was a big shot boss manager when I had my first son. I was making well over six-figures, and much of my identity revolved around the successful career I had created. That all changed after my first son was born.
Working 12 hour days and answering emails around the clock just wasn’t going to work for me anymore. Someone else was raising my child, and that was not okay. That was not how my story was going to end.
But … I also wasn’t willing to give up my financial empowerment … 

I know what it feels like to have the immense weight of extreme mom guilt sitting on your chest.

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“Being a part of this group has given me the confidence and knowledge to live my fullest life: the support and energy are amazing! Without Melissa, my business wouldn’t be where it is today. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that Melissa has forever changed my life!”

Carolyn S.

“When I came to Melissa, I was overwhelmed, confused and in a state of continuous frustration. I was having a difficult time finding balance between business and my family. Constant stress was my unwanted, full-time companion.  I let Melissa guide me on how to determine which pieces were essential to my business and family life. I am glad I took the time to invest myself in this group. My business is thriving and so is my family”

Sheryl J

“If you are looking for motivation and inspiration, Melissa is the person. She is a brilliant coach and very creative in her style and delivery. Whether you are looking for online coaching, a business opportunity, or mindset coaching she is what you are looking for. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this type of learning and growth. A very heartfelt thank you”

Luz R

Hi! I'm Melissa. I am an engineer and success/productivity coach who achieves success using a logical, step-by-step formula. I help overwhelmed high-achieving women like yourself find the clarity, confidence and tools you need to transform your life, crush your goals and reach your true potential using an engineered approach to success. Join me!

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